ASRBB Publication Policy

The ASRBB is a nonprofit organization, the financial resources that are applied exclusively to publishing the magazine, which is increasingly establishing itself as a reliable source for the results of research in biology and ecology of neotropical.

The Brazilian Publishing Policy Journal of Biology – BJB has changed, all submitted articles and if approved will cost per page publication diagrammed set by the administration of the Association of the Brazilian Journal of Biology – ASRBB.
So there will be no need for affiliation to ASRBB.
This amendment is due to two factors and the same significantly boost the publication time will be reduced:
– The BJB will be fully computerized from the beginning of 2016 according to the Submission of the SciELO platform;
– A drastic reduction in the institutional support represented especially by CNPq, which states that the support is complementary to and conditional upon substantial consideration for publication.